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Minghui Lin
Chinese Doctor, Acupuncture Specialist
Former Associate Professor of Peking Union Medical University (1997-2001).

Graduated from Acupuncture and Moxibustion Department of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in 1986, first working in China-Japan Friendship Hospital Beijing, Ministry of Public Health of China, and then working in Peking Union Medical University Teaching Hospital, Mastery Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern Western Medicine, Former Director of Acupuncture and Tuina Department of Peking Union Medical University Teaching Hospital (1997-2001). Between the 1986 and 2001, Prof. Lin was invited to work or as scholar to visited and lectured in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Denmark, Former Yugoslavia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and USA. There are 9 different medical thesis were published in China and USA. As Chinese Acupuncture Specialist working in the Netherlands since October 2001, and founded his Shen Qi Chinese Medical Centre in Rotterdam.


K.N. Tan-Lim
Doctor-acupuncturist, Dermatology Specialist and
Dutch Doctor who have also been trained in China in the field of acupuncture and are member of Dutch Association of Doctor-Acupuncturists (Nederlandse Artsen-Acupunctuur Vereniging NAAV) were invited working together in the centre, their advanced academic theories and techniques result in remarkable results in the treatment of both common and more complicated diseases.

Qing Du
Graduated from Sino-Japanese Friendship Medical Nursing College in 1987 and then working at the Department of Paediatrics in China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, China. Studied Acupuncture in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993, and practicing Chinese acupuncture in Peking Union Medical University Teaching Hospital (1994-2003), Migrated to the Netherlands in 2003

Mr. E.A. van der Sterre General Secretary
Graduated from Rotterdam University and Amsterdam University


Miss S.C.J. Beeker Secretary
Leiden University, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University 2008-2009, China



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